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Welcome to Mi Casa (My Home), My name is Dirgan Fasa, a 9-to-6 corporate warrior, that blessed enough to able working and residing in Singapore.

Since my university days, I set my life to be as what I am now, enjoying the privilege of meeting new people, working as a traveling sales manager is what I dreamt of. Traveling around the world is a part of my annual plan. I will try my best to reserve some adventures every year.

What I can share with you is a combination between short traveling time of my business trips (when I called it short, it means really short, like 48 hours ~ 72 hours in several cities and I have to fly back to Singapore) and with moderate travelling time (10 ~ 16 days) which come from my personal travel.

I can present you the best of both worlds, from 48 hours in the cities up to 2 weeks in the countries.

You can take much into your personal account if you happen to be in the cities that I have been with the similar traveling time frame.

I started CasaFasa as an alternative of travel inspiration and information. By sharing original, trip experiences, destination guides, travel stories and endless journeys, I hope CasaFasa can be a simple goal is to inspire everyone to go out and explore this beautiful world we live in. I am living proof that you still can make the best time of your annual leave and some public holidays to explore the world while you still working. A life of adventure is possible for anyone who is willing to chase after it!

Football is a huge part of my life, as a player, a fan and a thinker. There will be frequent moments that i will post about football. Old hobby die hard right?

Furthermore, we can chat about business, travelling tips, or even thoughts of life.

Feel Free to Stay,

Dirgan Fasa

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